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BumGenius All in One Nappy Review

Well, as the bumGenius All in One just recieved the Mother & Baby Gold Award for Best Reusable Nappy we thought we had better review it for ourselves! And boy am I glad we did! This is a truly fab little nappy, lovely and trim fitting, functional, attractive, comfortable (as far as we can tell without actually wearing it ourselves!) and so easy to use I think even our pet chickens could figure it out!

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bumGenius Complete Nappy Kit!

bumGenius- Complete Nappy Kit

We have put together a wicked awesome complete kit of bumGenius reusable nappies, that includes everything you will need for cloth-nappying success! The list includes:

15 x bumGenius One-Size Pocket Nappies + 15 Inserts and 15 Newborn inserts

2 x Tots Bots Bamboozle Fitted Nappies (for Night Time use)

1 x Nappy Wrap of your choice

1 x Lidded Nappy Bucket (optional)

2 x Laundry Mesh Bags

1 x Wet Nappy Bag

2 x Roll of Flushable Paper Liners

1 x 1kg bag of Tots Bots Potion detergent

All for only £250 with FREE Delivery! Saving a whopping £670 (approx) compared to disposables! Not bad!

Buy the bumGenius Kit today!

Your Favourite Nappies

Your Favourite Cloth Nappy

So come on, out with it, what is your favourite Cloth Nappy or nappy system?

We only stock the nappies we rate highly at Fill-Your-Pants , so a look at the stock list would give you an idea of our faves, but if I had to choose some favourite favourites they would be:

Fitted Nappy: Tots Bots Flexi-Tot flexitot

 The Flexi-Tot is a shaped nappy comprised of super soft bamboo velour layers with an outer layer of stretchy polyester, which provides maximum absorption with minimal bulk. It also has a hidden micro-fibre core to help with drying time. Of all our fitted, this is our favourite, has stayed the softest and is the most reliable.


Nappy Wrap: Bummis Super-Brite

 Without a doubt the Super-Brite wins this category for us! It is made from a very high quality PUL which provides excellent and reliable waterproofing. It has gussets around the legs for maximum containment, and fastens with a strong and good quality aplix.

Also, you cant knock the super cute paisley prints of the Bummis Super-Brites!



Pocket Nappy: The bumGenius 3.0 bumgenius

This one has to go to the bumGenius 3.0. Its superior fit, high quality and reliability is second to none, and its popularity speaks volumes!

A trusty little nappy to have in any stash, a firm favourite!



dark-purple-itty-bittiAll-In-One: The Itti Bitti AIO

Although this is a new nappy to the market, the All-In-One Itti is just fabulous! Its trimness of fit is unrivalled, and the colour range of the super soft minky outer layer is just too cute!

Going on and off in one piece, its ease of use is fantastic, and being a sized nappy, a great fit can be obtained across the weight range.

Love it!





All-In-Two: The Flip flipribbit

The Flip is the latest creation from the makers  of bumGenius and features an outer PUL cover, with interchangable pads available in Stay-Dry, Organic, and Disposable versions for the ultimate in flexibility!

The Flip is receiving rave reviews across the board, and truly is a wonderul little one-size nappy- oh and fantastic value to boot!



So come on, whats yours?!