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How ethical are your nappies?

A large deciding factor when it comes to using real nappies is that they are less harmful to the environment than their disposable counterparts, not to mention they countless pounds they will save you in the long run. But do we lose sight of the ethical practicalities when it comes to choosing our nappies?

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New Pro-Breastfeeding T-shirts In Stock

Organic, Pro-Breastfeeding T-shirts for Your Baby!

To celebrate the clarification of the laws surrounding public breastfeeding in the UK we have added to the store some fabulously funky pro-breastfeeding gear for your little ones!

Made from Super Soft 100% Organic Cotton from the ‘Lactivist’ we have:

‘I Love Mummy Milk’ Long-Sleeved T-shirt, in Sizes 3-6, 6-12 and 12-18 Months. £14.99

breastfeeding t-shirt

‘I Like Milk from My Mum, Not Just from any Old Cow’ Organic Long-Sleeved t-shirt in sizes 3-6 and 6-12 Months. £14.99

breastfeeding t-shirt


CuddleDry Towels

Cuddledry Towels

You may well recognise the ‘CuddleDry’ name from the BBC’s Dragon’s Den – They are a range of cleverly designed, super soft and 100% Organic towels designed especially for babies and toddlers.

The Original Cuddledry

An Apron style towel designed to keep hands free for bathing and lifting, while keeping you dry. It is a mix of Organic unbleached cotton and bamboo fibre, creating a perfect eco-friendly, super soft and very absorbent blend. It is gorgeously luxurious, and naturally antibacterial too!


The CuddleMoo

A BIG, WARM, SOFT, FUN,  and downright GORGEOUS towel for your toddler! Again, a silky soft mix of organic cotton and bamboo fibres, and with snugly double layers- the CuddleMoo is the warmest toddler towel you will find! A cosy hood, a sensibly big size, and a gorgeously fun print which encourages imaginative play makes the CuddleMoo a must have!


Available from Cuddledry.com and at Fill Your Pants

Cuddledry RRP: £24.99

Cuddlemoo RRP: £29.99

So, go get cuddly!