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The Nappies of Generations Past

While exhibiting at Stoneleigh Festival recently, we had some wonderful conversations with grandmothers who came over to express their delight at the modern reusable nappies available, and to encourage us in our quest to move the real nappy market back into the mainstream.

They proceeded to re-tell their stories of terry squares, rubber pants and pins, and to our delight, every one spoke of their memories with such fondness. The image of the white squares hanging peacefully on the line was a popular one- and not one spoke of any ‘hassle’ associated with their nappying days.

It got us wondering- why then do real nappies have such a bad reputation, when the women who used them speak of them so fondly? Somewhere along the way we have been programmed to associate washable nappies with filth, hard work and problems. But if these impressions didn’t come from those who actually use them, where did they come from?

Next time you speak to your mother or grandmother, aunts or family friends, ask them of their experience with real nappies, as they most likely used them! Please return and re-tell their stories, it’s good to share 🙂

One-Size Nappies or Sized Nappies- which is better?!

One-Size Nappies Vs Sized Nappies

One-Size (or Birth-to-Potty Nappies) are growing increasing popular for many reasons.

One-Size nappies are designed to grow with your baby to take them right through birth to potty training, whereas sized nappies need to be purchased in different sizes, such as small, medium, large or Size 1 and Size 2.

As with anything, there are pro’s and con’s to the One-Size nappies, as well as the sized nappies and here we examine these differences.

One-Size Nappies

Some examples of One-Size Nappies include the bumGenius, Blueberry One-Size and the Motherease One-Size.

The Pro’s of One-Size Nappies are:

  • More ecomonical, as you only need by one set of nappies which will last through infancy
  • Less storage required for nappies that no longer fit
  • Great if you have more than one child in nappies, as the same nappy will fit both children

Con’s of One-Size Nappies

  • Because of exended use, the nappies will wear more quickly and may eventually need replacing
  • A perfect fit is more difficult to achieve
  • May be bulky on newborns and very small infants

Sized Nappies

Some examples of sized nappies include Tots Bots Flexi-Tots, Fuzzi Bunz and Tots Wraps.

Pro’s of Sized Nappies

  • A greater variety in your ‘Nappy Stash’ – you have more freedom to mix ‘n’ match
  • Sized nappies will be in a better condition to use for subsequent children, as they wont have had as much wear
  • A better fit can be obtained on very young babies and larger toddlers with sized nappies

Con’s of Sized Nappies

  • Will often cost more, as larger sizes will need to be purchased
  • If you have more than one child of different ages in nappies, different nappies will need to be use for each

Many parents will opt to buy 2/3 of their nappy stashes as one-size, and the remainder as sized, allowing them to take advantage of the positive aspects of both types. You will find what works best for you, and your stash will develop accordingly- everyones nappy collection is unique, which makes it all the more fun!

Todays Top Tip :2

Tumble Drying Nappies

If you need to use a tumble drier, a dry towel in with the nappies will speed up drying time!