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Todays Top Tip :1

Soaking Nappies

An over-night soak in a solution of water and Bicarbonate of Soda will cut out any ammonia smell and help to keep your nappies white and stain free!

Selling Your Nappies

We all know that a lot of money can be saved by using cloth nappies instead of disposables, but these savings can be increased even further by selling them on after you are finished with them.

 The second-hand nappy market is surprisingly large, and many types of real nappy have very high resale values if they remain in good condition. So, if you are not intending on future children, and want to sell your nappies on, these resale values will be of particular interest to you, and may influence your buying decisions.

Nappies with excellent resale values include:

Tots Bots Bamboozles, Fuzzi Bunz, Diddy Diapers, Blueberries, bumGenius, MotherEase One-Size.

Some of our favourite places to buy and sell used cloth nappies include:

  The Used Nappy Company– The Number 1 Site in the UK to buy and sell used nappies

UK Parents Lounge

Cloth Nappy Tree