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Close Parent Pop In Dream Dri V3- Review

This year, Close Parent launching their version 3 of the Dream Dri nappy, which saw some significant alterations from the V2, including the accomodation of a larger size range, a new super soft minkee inner (which is not only more absorbent, but even faster drying!), and a new improved outer cover which protects from leaks and washes better. Here our Nappy Guru Anna shares her experiences of the new V3 Dream Dri….
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Mini Lala Pocket Nappy – Review

TheĀ Mini Lala orignates from the land of Oz, and is currently taking the UK by storm! The gorgeous, unique prints are a must have for any stash andĀ here at FYP we love the Mini Lala! It is a pocket nappy with a strokable polyester outer layer, a stay-dry inner layer, and 2 bamboo/cotton inserts. Here our Nappy Guru Asta shares her experiences of the nappy…
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