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Real Time Review

Today I have Louie in the office with me, so what better time to review a new nappy for Really Pants! We have been given a Little Lambs Pocket nappy to test run. Little Lambs were¬†one of the first nappies we dabbled in and we were never very keen, but we will see how the pocket nappy stands up! Continue Reading →

Hahtuvahullu by Helmi – Review

The Helmi nappy, by Hahtuvahullu, is an extremely versatile and well engineered piece of cloth. And it’s pretty too! Read on to find out how amazingly different this cloth nappy is along with what makes¬† Hahtuvahullu the fastest custom turnaround in the business… prepare to be amazed!

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Baby Blush pocket nappy – Review

Baby Blush pocket nappies are the latest in pretty, plush cloth to arrive on the shores of England – straight from antipodean success into the hands of nappy fans everywhere. Read more to find out just how durable these nappies are and how they restored my faith in leak proof pockets…

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