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Whats New?! 2015’s Fluffy Future…

fluffy future 1

So the New Year is upon us, its 2015!! According to Back To The Future, “Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads”, we should be right into the space ages about now.

Maybe that’s not quite correct, and we’ve not yet invented self cleaning nappies (!), but I can give you some predictions on what I do know is 2015’s fluffy future!

As ever a new year brings us much anticipated launches of new products and patterns, and I have all the current information on many exciting things to come right here!…

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Introducing Ecopipo – A Nappy Guru Review!

blog-head‘This nappy is definitely one of my favourites and one I often reach for due to it’s ease of use once set up and reliability as well as it looking super cute on!’ Nappy Guru Rebecca

Joining our ever growing fluffy range, we are saying ‘hola’ to EcoPipo, all the way from Mexico!
This family run company have been going strong for three and a half years, and it’s easy to see why! Their strong environmental ethics and fabulous products make them a cut above the rest.

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Presenting the wonderful Wonderoos!

wonder logo blog

Really pants are very pleased to announce the arrival of Wonderoos to the store – the original one size pocket nappy! Fluff lovers everywhere will find it hard to resist the temptation of these charming one size nappies!
Boasting many awards including the Mums Love Award from Babyworld, and a 5 Star Award from The Baby Website! They truly are fluff’mazing!

The Cuddly Minky and Super Soft, Stretchy PUL* Wonderoos were originally the fabulous brain child of a frustrated mother, who had become fed up of pocket nappies only being available in different sizes. However today they are now owned by Earthwise, who have re-designed and made improvements to reflect the needs of the modern day cloth parents, such as your lovely selves!
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