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Real Nappy Week 2011!

Real Nappy Week 2011 is upon us, and there are stacks of special offers for you this year! Including 20% off BumGenius, Flip, Smartipants, Itti Bitti and GEN-Y, and 5 for 4 on Tots Bots Easyfit AIO’s!

Remember this years ‘Share the Secret’ campaign headed by Go Real too- there are 100’s of nappies being given away to help convert current disposable nappy users, so if you know someone who you think would love cloth if they gave it a try, send them that way!

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Combating the Credit Crunch- RNW 2009

Following the huge success of last years event, the 13th annual Real Nappy Week will be taking place from 27th April until 3rd May 2009 across the UK. Since the start of October 2008 around 30,000 jobs cuts have been announced across all sectors of the UK. With parents worrying about money, the 2009 Real Nappy Week, run by the Real Nappy Campaign, will focus on how using real nappies can save families money.
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