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Eco-Balls! Clean Green Washing!

When I started using cloth nappies, I did get a little bit put off by all the horror stories that can be caused by detergent build up. I had an awful time trying to find the right balance of washing powder and the right cycle on my machine. Often leading to stinky nappies!
When I heard about the Eco-Balls, I was thrilled at the thought of clean washing without the need to strip wash… ever! Continue Reading →

Todays Top Tip :3

Washing Nappies and Vinegar

A splash of white vinegar in the rinse cycle of your nappy wash equalises the pH balance and has been reported to help prevent nappy rash.

Todays Top Tip :1

Soaking Nappies

An over-night soak in a solution of water and Bicarbonate of Soda will cut out any ammonia smell and help to keep your nappies white and stain free!